XINTIANDI was firstly established in Shanghai in early 21st century to challenge the city’s standard consumer experience. Integrating early 20th century Shikumen architecture with contemporary urban lifestyle, fashion elements, modern features and facilities, this revitalization project won a big success and has garnered a great deal of international attentions and admiration, as testified by the string of architectural and urban planning awards won, helping solidify Shanghai’s status as a richly diverse, multi-dimensional city.

Under the acclaimed XINTIANDI brand, this innovation approach to urban revitalization was welcomed in national wide. So far XINTIANDI has developed more than leafy, vibrant communities and commercially thriving districts in some of China’s key cities, including Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and Foshan.

Nowadays, XINTIANDI is a new culture and social destination where people meet, grow and engage. It is a focal point – a location where people can not only have dynamic F&B and exciting retail encounters, but also experience highly active events. XINTIANDI orchestrates cultural content and social experience to celebrate people connections and building a community. It is also a platform working with local creative and designer labels to celebrate Chinese voices and brands.

5 Cities

Around 1.74 million
sq. meters commercial retail area

Over 8 million members

Over 150 million visitors per year

Over 2,000 Shops